Why Virtually Stage a Property?

Recently, I received a call from the producer of Selling LA who wanted to sell his condo in Sherman Oaks. He, his wife and their baby were moving out of California to live close to family. They had purchased their condo several years ago right before the market crashed. Fortunately, hey were right side up again; unfortunately they were still looking at losing a large portion of their original down payment. We had discussed and agreed that he selling process would be less disruptive and stressful if we waited to list the condo until after they had moved out (with the baby et).  As a result, was going to be left with a empty vacant unit to sell. We discussed staging but he sellers were not in h position to spend the money. And as many may or may not know, when it comes to staging, the seller pays for the service.  this situation, did not believe it was in the sellers best interest to present their property totally naked. Therefore, I suggested that they consider a more financially conservative, yet still effective alternative: virtual staging.

In my prior career as an interior designer, before the digital age, we would have a artist draw color perspective renderings. This would visually communicate  concept to the client. Here, e are doing just hat for the buyer. Virtual staging is purely conceptual and is much like th enderings ne would receive before technology became so advanced.

As a businessman, believe in making sure that the client’s needs and the success of the sale come first. That is why I so strongly suppor oing “real” staging for my listings. imply put, that is how y clients are able to achiev a top dolla sal. There is nothing that can substitute real staging (for obvious reason). In this situation, I knew that we could not launch th property as wa – vacant. How borin would it be to thumb through dreary photo of empty rooms, particularly in a 1990’s condo?? The first “showing” is always online with photos. As seen below, we posted the “naked” photos along with the digital furnished photos. I would never want a buyer to come to a showing expecting to see a furnished condo nly to walk away disappointed.

To give you perspective, this property was listed at $339,000, which is a lower price point in our market. We received 3 offers and sold the property in less than one week, $352,500. 13k over asking, all cas, 5 day close.

Below, experience the virtual staging for 1250 Sylmar Ave.  #201 Sherman Oaks, CA 91401