The Steven Aaron Realtor Group has developed a clientele which includes builders, developers and investors. This is based on a proven track record of success enabled by the ability to identify opportunities, determine accurate exit pricing, and reach targeted buyers through effective marketing.

Steven’s background in interior design provides investors with insight and counsel on architectural details, floor plans, as well as finishes, fixtures and lighting. Importantly, we work very closely directing and collaborating with stagers in order to create a finished product that appeals to the right targeted buyer.

Our extensive experience and earned reputation with investment properties has helped deliver success to developers and investors throughout Los Angeles.


“Steven has handled more than 20 transactions I have been a party to. I cannot think of any agent who has done a better job than Steven. What is remarkable about his expertise is that it is well rounded in absolutely every aspect of his profession, from design to staging to pricing to negotiations to ethics to communication. Recommending real estate agents is my profession, and I cannot recommend any agent more strongly than Steven Aaron.”
- David B